martedì 11 ottobre 2016

Ceva in the world 2016/27 (part 7 of 7)


Joele Alberto is studying at Washburn High School in Wisconsin , Other foreign students,sent to the USA by Intercultura/AFS, are attending the same school. Look at there photos, they are so beautiful, aren't they?

Seven families in the Washburn School district have opened their homes and hearts to seven AFS students. These students bring their culture and experiences to students in the district while developing life-long friendships. Please contact their families if you would like to get to know more about these students.
Front: L to R: Godwin Ashiruma from Kenya, staying with Lea Rolfsen and Michael McKenna; Hedda Taknes from Norway, staying with Jennifer Maziasz and Ryan Mulhern and family; Patcharee "Tong" Prajakrattanakul from Thailand, staying with the Wendy Shields family; Back: Hannah Lengauer from Austria staying with the Rosanne and Jon Haveri family; Joele Alberto from Italy staying with the Mary and Ted Dougherty family; Anna Oleszewski from Germany, staying with the Colleen Matula family; and Ida Leivo from Finland staying with the Joe and Christine See family.
The AFS organization is fortunate to have such a welcoming community for these students.
Good luck, Joele, I am sure this year will be great for you.

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